conference title banner, composite of people wearing masks against colorful backgrounds

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it abundantly clear how misinformation on the internet can have dire public health consequences and the important role scientists have in communicating to the public. At this two-day conference we will discuss how scientists, clinicians, public health professionals, and patients can work together to counteract the infodemic. Therefore, the theme of the 2021 annual CHASM conference is “The COVID-19 Pandemic: Media, Misinformation, and Science Communication.” Nationally renowned keynote speakers will share their work examining online COVID-19 patient communities, vaccine hesitancy and acceptance, health inequities and global health communication.

All abstracts will be considered for Video Poster Session. If you wish to be considered for a formal Paper Session, please indicate in the form below. We have a total of 6 slots for paper presentations. If your abstract is accepted for a paper presentation, you will prepare a 12 minute talk to deliver via Zoom (or a pre-recorded video) and be present for questions during a 3 minute Q&A to immediately follow. If selected for a Video Poster Session, you will create a 2-minute video poster to be shown during the conference and participate in informal breakout discussions on Zoom.

Submission Deadline: Monday, March 29, 8am Eastern Time