App Evaluation Service

Would you like feedback from behavioral scientists on your health app?


Our team of behavioral scientists will evaluate your app and will provide written detailed feedback on:

  • The extent your app reflects the scientific evidence regarding behavioral strategies.
  • How additional evidence-based behavioral strategies can be incorporated into the app.
  • How you can maximize the impact of the behavioral strategies employed in the app.
  • How you can promote user engagement via tailored individual information such as health literacy, visual appeal, and cultural sensitivity
  • Which of your app features, if any, are not supported by scientific evidence
  • User interface usability and feasibility
  • How relevant, acceptable, and feasible will this app be for a primary care patient population
  • Any other feedback that meets your needs! Just ask!
  • Need scientific references? We will also provide a list of scientific studies that support behavioral strategies used in your app as well as the behavioral strategies we recommend.


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App Evaluation Service

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